Nov 18, 2013
The Legend of Jumalation -album has returned with a vengeance. Sami re-arranged all the songs to orchestra and Matti drew a book full of images, this is how "Ikiveljet - Kuninkaantekijä" children's book was created. Even if you can't understand a word in Finnish, please spend 20 minutes with this one and see if you can still recognise the songs.

Click the image to start the movie.

There are also links to full length songs with some bonus material. King'O'waR is still going as strong as STEEEEEEL!!
Mar 6, 2013
Hey you all true metal people! As you no doubt can see the King'O'waR pages are no longer updated and they serve only as a historical reference and archive. Propably at some point we'll get tired of paying the domain fees and move all music to youtube, but in the meantime do enjoy our music right here! Remember you can download all mp3 versions of all our albums from here and distribute them freely. If you plan to use them in some project thats ok, but do let us know :) Nowadays Sami is busy composing new stuff for Status Minor, Matti makes CGI-fx for Trash Video's movies (Check out the latest info here) and plays guitar in Ruaste. In general life is good, hope yours is too! Hail to all of you our brothers of thunder and metal and steel 4ever!
Jun 29, 2010
Finally King'O'waR is proud to present to you the completely renewed website! The site might still undergo some slight modifications, so if you spot an error, please report back to us! For the last year or so the download-section of the old site didn't work but now we have great news: you can now download all songs from the media-section and as a bonus all of the songs are ready for your online listenin on our mp3-player at the albums-section. So start browsing and listening and remember to spread the word of TRUE metal kings!!